A short interview with Kate Orman

This interview piece was conducted on November 6 1996.
As it appeared in Broadsword issue eleven

How do you see the character of the eighth Doctor? How are you intending to write and expand the character of the eighth Doctor? Do you see that what you, Lance, Terry, Jon will be shaping the direction this Doctor will take? Do you see that as a daunting task?

The Eighth Doctor is Life's Champion. Not that we'll be saying that explicitly, of course, but that's how I see this character - passionate and compassionate, enjoying and treasuring life.

Daunting is the right word - after all these years of writing for the Seventh Doctor, it's become very easy just to churn out his dialogue. I was struck with paralysis the first time I tried to write for Number Eight. :-) Writers' nerves! But the characterisation and the performance in the film are very strong, giving us a firm basis.

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